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Lördag Lör 21 November Nov
Söndag Sön 22 November Nov
Tisdag Tis 24 November Nov
Onsdag Ons 25 November Nov
Lördag Lör 28 November Nov
Idag 29 November Nov
Onsdag Ons 2 December Dec
Fredag Fre 4 December Dec
Lördag Lör 5 December Dec
Söndag Sön 6 December Dec
Onsdag Ons 9 December Dec
Fredag Fre 11 December Dec
Lördag Lör 12 December Dec

Se SDHL - så sänds matcherna

Alla matcher från SDHL TV-sänds. Merparten sänds på C More som du hittar här.

Även SVT sänder vissa matcher. Vilka det är hittar du i listan nedan. (uppdateras löpande) 


Leksands IF12:30

CMore PlaySDE HF15:0015:00
MODO Hockey


19:00Leksands IF19:00
SVT24/SVT PlayMODO Hockey17:00Luleå HF18:30

19:00SDE HFMODO HockeyLuleå HF

Brynäs16:00CMore PlaySportkanalen19.35 ​


Djurgårdens IF

21-nov Djurgårdens IF Brynäs CMore Play 15:00
21-nov HV71 AIK SVT 15:00
21-nov Göteborg HC SDE HF CMore Play 17:00
21-nov Linköping HC Leksands IF CMore Play 19:00
22-nov  Djurgårdens IF Leksands IF Sportkanalen 12:30
22-nov  Göteborg HC  AIK CMore Play 15:00
22-nov  HV71 SDE HF CMore Play 15:00
24-nov  Luleå HF  MODO Hockey CMore Play 19:00
25-nov  Brynäs IF Leksands IF CMore Play 19:00
25-nov  Linköping HC AIK SVT24/SVT Play 19:35
28-nov  Göteborg HC  MODO Hockey CMore Play 17:00
28-nov HV71 Luleå HF Sportkanalen 18:30
29-nov Linköping HC SDE HF  CMore Play  12:00
29-nov HV71  MODO Hockey CMore Play  15:30
29-nov Göteborg HC Luleå HF CMore Play 13:00 
29-nov Djurgårdens IF AIK   Sportkanalen 13:00
2-dec Djurgårdens IF SDE HF  SVT24/SVT Play  19.35
4-dec  AIK CMore Play    19:00
5-dec  AIK Leksands IF CMore Play  15:30 
5-dec  Luleå HF Djurgårdens IF  CMore Play  15:00
5-dec  MODO Hockey Linköping HC  CMore Play   
5-dec  SDE HF Brynäs IF     17:30
6-dec  Luleå HF Linköping HC    14:00 
6-dec  MODO Hockey Djurgårdens IF  CMore Play  16:00 
6-dec SDE HF  Leksands IF  CMore Play  16.10 
9-dec Linköping HC  HV71  SVT24/SVT Play  19:35
11-dec AIK SDE HF  CMore Play  19.30 
11-dec  Brynäs IF  MODO Hockey  CMore Play  18:00 
12-dec  Linköping HC Göteborg HC  CMore Play  14:00 
12-dec  Djurgårdens IF  HV71  CMore Play  17:00 
12-dec   Brynäs IF Luleå HF CMore Play  18.45 
12-dec  Leksands IF  MODO Hockey  CMore Play  14:00 
13-dec  Leksands IF Luleå HF  Sportkanalen  13:00 
13-dec  Djurgårdens IF Göteborg HC  CMore Play  13:00 
26-dec  HV71 Brynäs IF CMore Play  17:00
26-dec Göteborg HC Leksands IF CMore Play 17:00
27-dec Göteborg HC Brynäs IF CMore Play 15:00
27-dec HV71 Leksands IF CMore Play  16:00 
29-dec Luleå HF  SDE HF CMore Play  18:00
29-dec MODO Hockey AIK CMore Play  19:00
30-dec Luleå HF AIK  CMore Play  19:30 
30-dec MODO Hockey SDE HF  CMore Play  19:00 
2-jan AIK  HV71    15:30
2-jan Leksands IF  Linköping HC     
2-jan SDE HF Göteborg HC     
3-jan AIK Göteborg HC     
3-jan Brynäs IF Linköping HC  Sportkanalen  
3-jan Leksands IF Djurgårdens IF     
3-jan SDE HF HV71     
6-jan HV71 Linköping HC     
6-jan Brynäs IF Djurgårdens IF  SVT24/SVT Play  
8-jan SDE HF Linköpings HC    
9-jan Luleå HF Göteborg HC     
9-jan MODO Hockey HV71     
9-jan SDE HF  Djurgårdens IF    
10-jan Luleå HF Göteborg HC     
10-jan MODO Hockey  HV71     
13-jan AIK  Djurgårdens IF     
13-jan HV71  Linköpings HC     
14-jan Brynäs  SDE HF     
15-jan Brynäs IF AIK     
16-jan Leksands IF AIK     
16-jan Göteborg HC HV71     
16-jan Djurgårdens IF MODO Hockey     
16-jan Linköpings HC Luleå HF     


Do you live outside of Sweden? Watch the games here!

Along with the production company Sportsground, a platform has been made to make sure that you who live outside of Sweden can watch the matches in SDHL.

The web page is still under construction, but since the season's just a couple of days away, we have built a working solution to begin with. Here you find the link.

Good to know:

  • The platform will only be available to people living outside of Sweden, which is why it has been geo blocked.

  • The commentators will speak in Swedish and in those cases where SVT broadcasts the games, there won't be any commentators at all, due to directives which we have to follow.

  • You can choose between pay per view or a package deal for the regular season 20/21.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email to: [email protected]